• Loopy Loo Top


    Loopy Loo is a stylish alternative to the standard vest top. Excellent for any sporting and social activity!

    When choosing your variations please choose “none” on the drop down menu where that option is not applicable.

    Product Description

    The Loopy Loo is a real eye catcher. Compliments Leggings, Capris or Loose Dance Pants. If you want something a little different, then this is it! Available in various lengths. Don’t forget your bra insert for minimal support.

    The Loopy Loo is suitable for: Gym/Pump/Combat/Pilates/Yoga/Core/Body Conditioning/Aerobics/Spin/Cycling/Running/Training.

    All of our garments are manufactured in the United Kingdom and made from either THICK SUPPLEX LYCRA®, MERYL LYCRA® or Viscose. PLEASE NOTE: Bra inserts are not Sports Bras they just enhance the support.

    To maintain quality and colour please wash our garments on a delicate cycle with detergent and a small amount of white vinegar (which kills the bacteria caused by sweat). Do not use fabric conditioner as this can rot the elastic content. Please do not attempt to iron Bosom Buddies garments as they are all non iron and the heat could melt them.

    We hold a substantial range of stock, but should we run out, delivery can take up to 14 days. Every effort will be made to beat this.
    As a fitness instructor teaching clients of all ages, shapes and sizes for many years, you learn and respect quickly that your body shape doesn’t reflect your fitness abilities. Our body shapes are all different! Its up to us to embrace, enhance, maybe change but definitely look after. In my opinion Fitness Wear should be versatile and not standard.  Simple choices on our Fitness Wear should accommodate our unique body shapes, promote the natural and realistic rather than the expected and sometimes the unrealistic. Getting fit and maintaining fitness is hard work and requires discipline and dedication, so reward yourself with Fitness Wear that reflects you, your body shape and your continued hard work.

    Additional Information

    Washing Advice

    To maintain colour & quality leave to soak in a bowl with white vinegar & a small amount of detergent or in washing machine on a delicate 40 degree wash adding detergent & white vinegar but no fabric softener. White vinegar kills the bacteria left in clothing caused by sweating ensuring your work out kit smells fresh each time & lasts longer.

    Fabric Detail

    Thick Supplex Lycra®: Strechy Matt Effect
    Meryl Lycra®: Thinner Stretchy Material with a Slight Sheen
    Viscose: Thin Stretchy Material with a Sheen


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